Our Storage

Our Storage Units

All of our storage units are high quality, new shipping containers designed to keep goods secure and in pristine condition. Both the unit doors open to provide full access to the unit, allowing easy access for large and bulky items. We offer both 8 x 20ft. and 8 x 10ft. storage units, priced at £20 and £15 a week.


The security and safety of our yard is of paramount importance to us and we regularly conduct checks to ensure that the site meets our high standards. Covered by CCTV and inside a locked compound the units themselves are provisioned with intruder proof boxes and self-storage recommended padlocks. 


We offer both 8 x 20ft. and 8 x 10ft. self-storage units on Whessoe Road priced at £20 and £15 a week. We charge per calendar month, at £86.67 and £65.00 respectively. 


You may access your storage unit between 7.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. 365 days of the year. It really is just like having your own secure garage to keep your goods in.